1401 SE 25th Avenue
Mineral Wells, Texas 76067
Telephone: 940-859-4509

CHANGE is a non-profit. The program started in 2007 as a program for at risk youth. We helped teens think about their future. We wanted them to think past graduation. What did they want to do when they grew up? What type of training would that require? What about college, job preparation, employment application assistance/on line application, how to fill out the FASFA grant, GED classes Before we knew it, adults were coming to us for help. We now offer hands on classes, education, and resources to our clients of all ages in Palo Pinto County, Parker County and surrounding areas.

PINK Class (Empowering Women) Thursday 6:30pm 8-week course w/certificate

Who are you?




Self Esteem

Cleaning vs disinfecting


Sewing and crafting

Empowering Men to be better Fathers and Leaders Thursday 6:30pm 8-week course w/certificate

Parenting Wednesday 6-7pm 6 week course w/certificate

Addiction Class Wednesday 7-8pm

GED class Tuesday 6-8pm

Anger management 4 week course w/certificate

Effects of Marijuana 1 hour class

Effects of Meth 1 hour class

CHANGE works with homeless, people just out of prison, elderly, veterans, people needing work, teens, people with CPS cases, Community service, court ordered classes. About every 6 weeks we have a free day where people can shop through the donations that have been received for CHANGE. Some of the items that could be donated are:




*Medical Items*


*Household Items*

*Baby Items*